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Best Addiction Treatment Programs in Orange County, CA

Oasis Treatment Centers provide high-quality addiction treatment programs for men and women suffering from substance abuse disorders. We provide an array of addiction treatment programs  in an attempt to provide the most appropriate and beneficial care on an individual basis. We recognize that everyone’s life, family, needs, and circumstances are different.  

Our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Oasis Treatment Centers offer research-backed addiction treatment in a judgment-free space. Our licensed clinical team has over a decade of experience empowering lasting lifestyle changes for those battling substance abuse issues. We champion each person’s unique path toward improved health, self-efficacy, and purpose.

Our Orange County drug rehab programs integrate evidence-based therapies, peer support systems, and holistic wellness practices, targeting the bio-psycho-social-spiritual roots of addiction. Medically supervised detox gently stabilizes acute withdrawal symptoms through compassionate 24-hour care. Residential treatment, outpatient programming, and transitional sober housing build knowledge, coping skills, and community bonding critical for ongoing recovery.

Customized treatment plans evolve based on each client’s distinct needs, challenges, strengths, and ambitions. Lasting recovery cannot be solely clinically prescribed; it must also blossom organically from within. Our goal is, therefore, to nurture lasting behavioral changes through professional guidance, structured accountability, and healing lifestyle rituals. 

How We Treat Drug Addictions

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment Orange County (MAT) combines behavioral therapy with FDA-approved drugs to treat opioid addiction. This integrated approach has proven highly effective, using medicine to normalize brain function while counseling empowers long-term lifestyle changes.

Our compassionate medical team determines appropriate MAT protocols based on individual substance use histories and health assessments. Medications such as Buprenorphine (Suboxone) and Naltrexone block opioid receptor sites, reduce cravings, and prevent relapse without misuse potential. These medications aid detox and continue alongside our comprehensive residential program.

Professional counseling helps clients get to the root of the psychological and emotional causes behind addictive behaviors. Support groups facilitate community bonding and peer accountability. Yoga, art therapy, mindfulness practices, and outdoor recreation activities further support healing.

Our education program covers MAT protocols, addiction as a disease, relapse prevention skills, and integrating medication maintenance into a plan for ongoing recovery. We assist clients in securing take-home prescriptions and outpatient follow-up care post-residential treatment.

MAT delivers substantially higher sobriety rates by easing withdrawal and blocking euphoric effects if relapse occurs. It buys time to establish healthy routines and coping mechanisms to overcome the disease. Under proper medical supervision, medications can be life-saving tools on the journey toward drug-free living. Together with counseling and holistic therapies, MAT provides a powerful, multidimensional approach to free clients from addiction’s vicious cycle.

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Drug Detox Orange County

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehab is the highest level of care in our peaceful residential facility provides a safe, supportive environment far from triggers and the stresses of everyday life. At Oasis, clients focus entirely on themselves and their recovery process.

Our medically supervised drug detox in Orange County gently alleviates withdrawal symptoms for a comfortable transition into sobriety. Individual and group counseling then helps clients get to the root causes behind their substance abuse. Through deep personal inventories, they gain self-awareness and tools to make lasting behavioral changes.

Additional therapies target the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Educational groups build knowledge and relapse prevention skills, while expressive therapies like art and music enable emotional catharsis. Yoga, acupuncture, and wholesome nutrition restore physical balance.

Meditation and mindfulness ground clients in the present moment.
The twelve-step introduction lays the groundwork for lifelong peer support and personal growth. Discharge planning provides recommendations for aftercare based on the individual’s needs and recovery goals. With compassion and joy, we walk with our clients from darkness into light.

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Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial hospitalization Program (PHP) provides comprehensive addiction treatment while allowing clients to maintain home and work commitments. PHP delivers the same weekly treatment hours as inpatient care, condensed into weekday sessions.

Educational groups focus on the biopsychosocial dynamics of addiction, relapse prevention tactics, and life skills training. Other sessions include processing trauma and emotions through counseling and experiential therapies like art, music, and yoga. Healthy community meals, medical monitoring, and holistic wellness support healing.

PHP enables clients to practice applying coping skills in real-world environments while providing as much structured care time as in residential settings. Our compassionate team customizes treatment plans to deliver intensive outpatient programming for those needing flexibility alongside accountability. This program is available following drug or alcohol detox.

Our PHP Program in Orange County
drug rehab orange county
Drug Detox Orange County

Intensive Outpatient Program

For those managing professional or family obligations alongside addiction recovery, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) delivers structured care in the evenings and weekends.

IOP provides fewer weekly treatment hours than partial or inpatient options, offered on nights and weekends to accommodate work or parenting duties. Counseling and educational groups build knowledge, skills, and peer support using research-backed models like CBT, DBT, and 12-step introductions.

Holistic therapies like art, music, and yoga enable emotional catharsis and mind-body reconnection. Healthy community meals, medical monitoring, and discharge planning support the transition home.

IOP allows those needing flexibility to receive intensive therapeutic care still. Our compassionate team builds customized outpatient programming so clients can maintain their daily commitments while developing lasting sobriety skills.

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Outpatient Treatment

Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment program provides effective, affordable care to clients living at home. Outpatient formats offer varying levels of support to promote recovery skills development while managing work, school and family systems.

Programming options range from standard one session per week individual counseling to part-time day treatment delivering 20 hours of structured care time weekly. Case management assists creating recovery-focused schedules, securing sober housing if needed and accessing community resources.

While less intensive than residential rehab, outpatient treatment significantly empowers lifestyle changes through accountability structures and clinical guidance. Individualized treatment plans use research-backed therapies to target root causes of substance abuse. Group counseling builds community and peer support.

For those needing flexibility with lower costs, our compassionate outpatient team journeys with clients down the path toward lasting wellness. We create space for self-discovery and growth by providing as much – or as little – scaffolding as each person requires to blossom on their recovery path.

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drug rehab orange county
Drug Detox Orange County

Evening IOP

Our Evening IOP provides a lifeline for those unable to attend daytime treatment sessions. Offered from 5:30-8:30 pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week, our evening IOP accommodates those with school, jobs, or parenting duties, precluding programs solely operating weekday mornings and afternoons.

Evening IOP delivers the same comprehensive therapeutic curriculum as our daytime tracks, administered after work and family commitments conclude for the day. Individual and group counseling, life skills courses, holistic experiences, and healthy community meals help clients process addiction’s causes, develop coping mechanisms, and establish peer support systems. Medical monitoring assists in remaining engaged while managing obligations.

For those needing flexible programming to maintain their daily responsibilities, evening IOP provides intensive treatment when they are available. Our compassionate team customizes continued care so anyone battling addiction can secure the scaffolded support they need to foster sobriety skills, no matter their schedule limitations. 

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Sober Living

Our sober living facilities provide safe, structured transitional housing for those needing continued peer support and accountability after primary treatment. We offer gender-specific homes in residential neighborhoods centered around community living.

Residents benefit from random drug testing and house meetings while given autonomy in searching for jobs, transporting to outpatient programming, or managing other obligations. There are small client-to-staff ratios with 24/7 on-call assistance. However, sober living aims to promote self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

Group meals, community service projects, recreational events, and 12-step meeting introductions help establish and maintain drug-free lifestyles. Discharge plans assist in securing independent sober housing for more seamless transitions toward living completely independently while maintaining recovery.

Our welcoming sober living homes empower the development of real-world recovery skills during your programming in our alcohol rehab in Orange County. The homes provide clients with built-in social support. We journey with residents toward self-efficacy and purpose and continued growth beyond primary treatment toward abundant, addiction-free living.

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