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Oasis Treatment Centers provide addiction treatment programs in Southern California for men and women struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. We specialize in relapse prevention. 

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Addiction Treatment Center in Southern California

At Oasis Treatment, we start every client's journey to recovery with compassion and care. As experts in substance and alcohol addiction treatment, we understand how difficult yet vital the recovery process can be. Our professional team strives to provide exceptional treatment programs tailored to each client's needs.

Whether you choose detox, residential rehab, outpatient services, or aftercare, we will be there to support and guide you through each step of your recovery. With evidence-based approaches, personalized care plans, and a peaceful treatment environment, we empower our clients to overcome addiction and build healthy lives. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and we are honored to walk beside you. Contact us today to start your personalized path to sobriety.

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Many of our team members have walked the same path to recovery that you're on now, having achieved meaningful periods of sobriety themselves. We truly understand the challenges and triumphs you're experiencing. Please know that sobriety is within your reach, and we're here to support and guide you every step of the way with compassion and understanding.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Life Savers - Literally!

    Joining the residential treatment program was the best decision I ever made. The compassionate staff, serene environment, and personalized therapy sessions provided me with the tools and support I needed to start my journey to recovery. I'm grateful every day for the new life I've found here.

  • I Saved My Job & Got Clean...

    The outpatient treatment program at this facility was a game-changer for me. It allowed me to balance my recovery with my daily responsibilities, offering just the right amount of support and flexibility. The counselors were amazing, always there to listen and guide. I've gained invaluable skills and a renewed sense of hope.

  • Finally Free to live again :)

    The Medicine Assisted Treatment (MAT) program was a critical part of my recovery process. The combination of medication and counseling helped me overcome challenges I couldn't face alone. The staff's expertise and empathy made a huge difference. I'm now on a solid path to sobriety and couldn't be more thankful.

  • Excellent!

    12 weeks into recovery and life is great. My relationships are better and for once it feels as though I can achieve more with every day that passes. 

    Oasis has been helpful and encouraging every step of the way. 

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    Drug & Alcohol Addictions We Treat

    We treat ALL forms of substance abuse, some of the most common are below:

    • Opiate addiction

      Opiates addiction stems from the use of opioids, a class of drugs used for pain relief that includes prescription painkillers as well as illegal substances like heroin. Dependence can develop quickly, leading to severe physical and mental health issues.

    • Alcoholism

      Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, involves a physical and psychological need to consume alcohol, despite negative impacts on one’s health and life. It can cause serious health issues, including liver disease and increased risk of accidents.

    • Heroin

      Heroin addiction is a severe form of substance dependence characterized by an overwhelming desire to continue using heroin despite harmful consequences. It significantly affects the brain’s reward system, leading to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

    • Cocaine

      Cocaine addiction is characterized by the compulsive use of the stimulant drug, regardless of the negative health and social consequences. It can cause serious cardiovascular and neurological issues, among other health risks.

    • Sleeping pills

      Addiction to sleeping pills, or sedative-hypnotics, involves a dependency on these drugs to manage sleep problems. Over time, it can lead to increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and negative effects on mental and physical health.

    • Meth

      Meth addiction is a powerful stimulant drug dependency that has devastating effects on physical and mental health. It is characterized by intense cravings, risky behaviors, and significant health decline, including dental problems and increased risk of infectious diseases.

    • Barbiturates

      Barbiturates addiction relates to dependence on a class of drugs used for sedation or to treat anxiety and insomnia. Misuse can lead to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and requires careful management during recovery.

    • Prescription pills

      Prescription pills addiction encompasses dependence on prescription medications, including opioids, stimulants, and anti-anxiety drugs. It poses risks of overdose, mental health disorders, and physical health problems.

    Meet Our Addiction Counselors

    Nothing is more important than inter-personal relationships when it comes to successful addiction treatment. Our staff are some of the most friendly people you could meet, with hearts to serve you.

    Meet The Team

    Our Residential Treatment Centers in Southern California

    We Accept Most Insurance Providers

    Oasis Treatment Centers works with most health insurance providers to help make substance abuse treatment available.

    Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

    • How is Oasis Treatment Centers Different?

      We provide a very personalized level of care for all patients. Our owners are involved in the business on a daily basis and often are involved in the handling of admissions. You may even speak with one of them when you call! 

    • I Don't Live in California, Can you Still Help Me?

      Many of our clients come from states outside of California, so no matter where you are located we are pleased to welcome you.

    • How Soon Can I Get Help?

      Our phones are open to help you 24/7 and we can get you admitted into detox during the night (subject to availability). 

    • What are you opening hours?

      We have staff on call 24 hour sper day to help you. We are often able to admit patients in the middle of the night. Please call us in your time of need!

    Areas We Serve In Orange County

    Irvine Addiction Treatment
    Laguna Beach Addiction Treatment
    Lake Forest Addiction Treatment
    Mission Viejo Addiction Treatment
    San Clemente Addiction Treatment
    Tustin Addiction Treatment
    Yorba Linda Addiction Treatment

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