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Oasis Treatment Centers specializes in mental health rehabilitation for patients entering our drug and alcohol treatment centers. The reality is that the majority of patients entering our rehabs are diagnosed with one or more mental health conditions connected with their addiction. This is called Dual Diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. 

Simply treating addiction without the associated behavioral or mental health conditions leaves the addict vulnerable to a relapse, which is sadly often the case. Oasis is on a mission to change the way addiction treatment centers work and is considered a gold-standard treatment center. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many struggling with addiction also live with co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma or eating disorders. At Oasis Treatment Centers, we offer integrated dual diagnosis care addressing both conditions simultaneously for improved outcomes.

Our addiction professionals are extensively trained in evidence-based modalities treating substance abuse and mental health issues concurrently. Thorough assessments uncover underlying disorders that may precipitate self-medication through drugs or alcohol. We then deliver therapy, education, life skills training and peer support for developing healthy coping mechanisms to manage symptoms.

Dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and mindfulness-based stress reduction help clients rewire negative thought patterns while building distress tolerance abilities. Medication management provides additional support where appropriate.

By uncovering and treating co-occurring disorders in tandem, clients are empowered with tools to break free from addiction’s cycle. Our compassionate dual diagnosis program journeys with those struggling toward a life where their condition is no longer a determinant, but simply one aspect of their whole dynamic person. Lasting recovery is possible; we’re here to support this positive change.

Anxiety Counseling

Treating Anxiety

Excessive worry, panic attacks, chronic tension, and intrusive thoughts—are all distressing symptoms of anxiety disorders. At Oasis Treatment Centers, our compassionate team helps identify anxiety triggers and empowers research-backed skills for regulating emotions and responding constructively.

Thorough assessments unpack biological propensities, thought patterns, behavioral coping mechanisms, and environmental factors heightening anxiety. Custom treatment plans incorporate modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to reframe unhelpful thoughts. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) builds distress tolerance and emotion regulation abilities. Mindfulness practices ground clients in the present moment instead of spinning “what-if” fictional futures. Lifestyle stabilization establishes healthy sleep, nutrition, exercise, and routine—critical anxiety buffers.

Anxiety need not overwhelm life’s joys when properly understood and managed. Counseling facilitates self-discovery, while peer support provides community bonding. By targeting anxiety’s roots, new growth emerges through lasting fulfillment and purpose. Light permeates darkness.

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Dealing With Depression

We treat depression using an integrative approach. Biochemical imbalances are addressed with gentle medications, while maladaptive thoughts and behavior patterns are tackled with counseling and lifestyle changes.

Our compassionate clinical team first conducts assessments evaluating genetic predispositions, trauma history, substance abuse, medical issues, and thought patterns predicting depression. Custom protocols then incorporate appropriate antidepressants coupled with modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy for reshaping negative thought loops. Mindfulness training increases focus on now rather than dwelling on past failures or hypothetical misfortunes. Nutrition education, sleep hygiene steps, and physical activity requirements also stabilize mood biochemistry.

Oasis treatment programs emphasize community support, self-care practices, and rediscovering purpose—vital buffers against isolation and hopelessness. Depression results from complex interactions between body, mind, and life circumstances. Our holistic protocols guide clients toward self-efficacy, teaching healthy processes aligning reactions to inevitable stressors. Hope prevails through progress, not perfection.

Depression & Addition
Codependency and Addiction


Codependent relationship dynamics often underlie addictive disorders. At Oasis, our counselors helps clients detach from other people’s behaviors to prioritize self-care and personal fulfillment in alignment with their values.

Assessments identify symptoms including poor boundaries, compulsion toward caretaking, paralyzing guilt, and shame. We provide education on healthy interdependency, upholding needs, and mastering the art of loving detachment. Counseling invites investigating root childhood wounds driving people-pleasing tendencies and establishing empowered communication patterns.

Dialectical behavior therapy may be used by therapists to teach emotional regulation techniques while accepting imperfect loved ones with grace. Mindfulness practices teach nonjudgmental presence. Support groups facilitate relatability while limiting isolation and self-blame. 

Our protocols help those trapped in caretaking compulsions move towards fulfilling paths guided by their values. We support the transition from self-sacrifice to empowerment, enabling individuals to write their own story and cultivate self-love and healthy relationships.

Codependency & Addiction

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Treating PTSD at Oasis Treatment Centers in California


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) uses bilateral stimulation to reprocess memories. On the other hand, insight-oriented modalities help to make meaning from suffering. Support groups play an essential role in fostering relatability and courage, while mindfulness practices help to anchor present safety.

We help clients dealing with intrusive and distressing memories. Our approach focuses on increasing their ability to cope, confidence, and capacity for growth after a traumatic experience. We use a holistic approach to guide the client towards living fully in the present.

Oasis Treatment Centers runs specialist addiction treatment programs in California to help veterans and emergency service professionals overcome addiction developed during their time in service.



Unresolved traumatic experiences may lead to numbing behaviors like addiction or self-harm. The experts at Oasis Treatment Centers help clients safely recognize, express, and resolve past traumas hindering their fulfillment.

Our assessments identify various types of trauma, including acute incidents and complex developmental attachments. We then provide interventions, continually tracking progress and supporting trauma integration.

Specific counseling methods help carefully process traumatic memories when the client is ready. These approaches involve telling the story, feeling the emotions fully, and making sense of what happened so one can let go and stop reliving the past. Other therapies then address any unhealthy coping behaviors that developed after the trauma. This helps clients build healthier ways of thinking. Our caring team guides each person gently through reconciling haunting events.

Addiction treatments which include CBT, DBT, and mindfulness help to address unhelpful behaviors that may have emerged post-trauma and realign perspectives.


Some of The Substances Abuse We Treat

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Amphetamine Addiction
  • Barbiturate Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Crack Addiction
  • Ecstasy Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Ketamine Addiction
  • Marijuana Addiction
  • Meth Addiction
  • Opiate Addiction
  • Painkiller Addiction
  • Prescription Pill Addiction
  • Sleeping Pill Addiction
  • Xanax Addiction

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