Partial Hospitalization Program Orange County

Partial Hospitalization Program Orange County

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Partial Hospitalization Program Orange County

Best Orange County Partial Hospitalization Program

Oasis’ Partial Hospitalization Program in Orange County is well known by those in and around the addiction industry. We lead the way in providing a personal approach to addiction treatment and adhering to the most ethical practices. Couples, men, and women over the age of 18 are welcome.

Our Orange County Partial Hospitalization program, or PHP, is our day treatment program. It provides extensive addiction care and a structured routine of therapies from morning to afternoon, without the need for an overnight hospital stay.

PHP is a step down from our inpatient rehab program and a level up from our IOP Programs.

Benefits of a PHP

PHP helps those who still need extra support like:

  • Folks struggling with mental health issues on top of addiction
  • Those having ongoing withdrawal complications
  • People with minimal recovery encouragement outside treatment
  • Anyone recently finishing residential rehab but needing continued intensive help

Our non-gender-specific PHP welcomes patients stepping down from medical detox or intensive inpatient treatment. It also assists those needing more depth than outpatient rehab.

PHP resembles aspects of our 24/7 residential program but allows returning home evenings. Patients receive 20-30 weekly treatment hours from individual and group sessions. PHP sustains recovery progress in a customizable format before transitioning to outpatient care.

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How Long is PHP Treatment?

How long someone stays in PHP depends on their situation. For instance, those battling addiction alongside a mental health issue may need our specialized dual diagnosis program with tailored treatments and medications.

In California, PHP commonly lasts about 30 days. But when clinically appropriate, people can extend their time in the program. PHP runs five days a week for around 4-6 hours daily. At the end of each day, participants return home.

During PHP, a team of licensed professionals actively assists each participant in planning their next steps after discharge. The team evaluates everyone’s progress and supports smooth transitions to the following levels of care. Many participants step down to standard outpatient treatment after PHP to uphold their newly gained stability and sobriety.

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Treatment Modalities

We take an integrated mind-body-spirit approach to care. Participants explore various research-backed therapies to find what works best.

Clients first share their personal treatment goals with our therapy team. Together, they co-create a customized plan using modalities like:

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Group counseling
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Recreational therapy
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Community resource coordination

From individual to group sessions, we provide comprehensive support. Our licensed professionals help heal addiction holistically – mind, body, and spirit. Participants receive wraparound care to rebuild lives free of substances.

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Drug Detox Orange County

A Typical Day in PHP Treatment

We cultivate a supportive community where participants feel safe and understood. Our PHP runs 5 days a week, led by a compassionate team of licensed professionals.

What makes our program special is the personal feel – building peer connections and having open access to caring staff. A sample schedule is below:

  • Morning breakfast
  • Group session and meditation
  • Educational lesson
  • Process group with a clinician
  • Lunch break
  • Individual therapy to review progress
  • 12-step meeting – topics like preventing relapse or working with a sponsor
  • Afternoon wellness activity or gym session
  • Dinner
  • Evening AA or NA community meeting

With customized care, we help each person heal mind, body, and spirit. Participants gain the tools and empowerment for lasting sobriety.


Our licensed therapists and counselors are trained in therapies such as:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – Builds self-awareness to transform unhelpful thought and behavior patterns

Adventure Therapy – Outdoor activities improve mental and physical wellbeing

Trauma Therapy – Learns to healthily process and regulate emotional reactions to stressful past experiences

We also provide:

Group Counseling – Peer support and shared coping strategies

Art & Music Therapy – Channels creativity for self-expression and relaxation

Family Therapy – Improves family communication and relationship dynamics

EMDR – Processes traumatic memories to alleviate distress

With research-backed therapies tailored to individual needs, we empower lasting, holistic healing.

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12 Steps

Participants work through 12-Step principles for addiction recovery. Key concepts include:

  1. Accepting substance use disorder as a chronic disease
  2. Surrendering to a higher power
  3. Staying active in 12-Step groups

Our 12-Step therapy provides a supportive space to process struggles and share recovery stories. Members build trust and hope by relating to one another’s journey. Groups encourage practicing the 12 steps, asking for sponsorship, and attending regular meetings.

This clinically-backed approach builds a community focused on spiritual growth and service. With humility and perseverance, members progress toward leading more purposeful and present lives.

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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Post-Treatment Care Services For Relapse Prevention

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Routine is an Important Factor in Recovery

Comprehensive aftercare enables a smoother transition back into everyday life.

Participants build confidence by actively utilizing tools and connections that reinforce recovery.

Aftercare is personalized by setting sobriety goals and tracking measurable progress. A caring team helps navigate local resources to actualize health and purpose.

Continuing care after PHP is vital to cement recovery gains. We offer customized aftercare to prevent relapse and nurture lasting wellness such as:

  • Stepping down to outpatient programming
  • Staying active in 12-step groups
  • Residing in supportive sober housing
  • Ongoing individual or group counseling
  • Exploring career development opportunities
  • Job placement assistance
  • Check-ins with health professionals
  • Participating in alumni events
  • Wellness education classes

Planning Life After a PHP Program in Orange County

It’s essential to have an aftercare plan in place to ensure accountability and access to resources that can help achieve sobriety goals. Some people may require aftercare services for several months or years, while others may consider it a lifelong maintenance approach.

Not having an aftercare plan can increase the risk of:

– Relapse
– Post-relapse overdose
– Losing support networks
– Missing opportunities for empowerment
– Feeling isolated from a sober community

Addictions Treated at Oasis Treatment Centers

We treat all forms of Substance Use Disorder, some of the most common are:

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Our emergency addiction helpline is open 24 hours per day.

Same-day & out of hours admissions.

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