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Recovery Center Huntington Beach | Top-Rated Rehab Facility

Starting your journey towards a sober life might feel lonely, but you’re not alone. This process is hard but can change your life for the better. At the Recovery Center Huntington Beach, we recognize the private struggle of addiction. We aim to provide a safe, caring space for you to heal and flourish.1

Our facility is in a quaint neighborhood, just a short drive from Huntington Beach Pier. It’s the perfect place for peaceful recovery.1 Whether you battle drug abuse, mental health issues, or both, we’ve got a team of caring experts ready to support you.1

At the Recovery Center Huntington Beach, we know everyone follows their own road to health. That’s why we customize your treatment to fit your needs. Our detox program offers constant care, and our therapies focus on both science and holistic practices. This way, we can help you heal deeply.1

On this life-changing path, our team is here for you. With our respected and certified center standing by your side, you’re on your way to recovery. Everyone at the Recovery Center Huntington Beach will face the challenges with you, savor the victories, and support you in getting the life you want.1

Key Takeaways

  • The Recovery Center Huntington Beach provides custom, full-service care plans for each person.
  • Located just a 15-minute drive from the Huntington Beach Pier, it sits in a peaceful area.
  • They give round-the-clock help during detox and focus on proven and holistic treatments.
  • The Recovery Center Huntington Beach is OK’d by the State’s Department of Health Care Services. They assist families and help plan your aftercare.
  • This place takes most PPO health plans and has self-payment choices for affordability.

Introducing Oasis Treatment Centers

In sunny Huntington Beach, California, Oasis Treatment Centers leads the way in recovery.2 Here, treatment is not generic. Instead, it fits each person, tackling both addiction and mental health.

A Premier Recovery Center in Huntington Beach

Located in Orange County, Oasis Treatment Centers is a serene place for overcoming addiction. In the lively and beautiful Huntington Beach, it offers peace for healing and rebuilding one’s life.

Personalized and Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Every person at Oasis Treatment Centers gets a personal blueprint for recovery that meets their needs and dreams.2 The expert team crafts these plans, merging proven therapies, community support, and wellness practices. This complete care approach aids in real and lasting change.

Accredited and Licensed Facility

Oasis Treatment Centers is an accredited and licensed haven for anyone who needs help.2 Its approach is built on science and heart, ensuring a welcoming place for everyone striving to leave addiction behind.

Detox and Residential Inpatient Treatment

At the Oasis Treatment Centers in Huntington Beach, California, clients find many services for addiction treatment. The option of detox and residential inpatient treatment is available.3 The facility holds licenses from important bodies like the State of California’s DHCS and CARF.3

Safe and Comfortable Accommodations

The Huntington Beach Recovery Center ensures clients are in safe and comfy settings. Here, there’s a modern kitchen, flat-screen TVs, and fireplaces, plus rooms that can be shared or private.1 This creates a space that is both welcoming and ideal for those seeking recovery.1

24/7 Support and Supervision

At the Oasis Treatment Centers in Huntington Beach, clients get support all day and night. The team is there to provide everything needed for recovery and well-being.1

recovery center huntington beach

In Huntington Beach, California, and are leaders in addiction recovery. They combine proven science with healing the mind and spirit. This approach creates a supportive place for recovery.1

Evidence-Based and Holistic Therapies

At the , a skilled team uses both science-backed and holistic treatments. These methods combat addiction and related mental health issues.1 They offer counseling, therapy, and unique activities like art and equine therapy. These help build essential skills for a sober life and overall health.1

Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

The knows addiction and mental health often go hand in hand.1 Their experts treat common issues like depression and anxiety, which can lead to addiction.1 By caring for both the addiction and the mental health problem, they support deep and lasting recovery.1

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Aftercare and Family Support

The recovery center huntington beach believes that recovery is a journey. It doesn’t stop with intense treatment. The oasis treatment centers know how vital aftercare and family support are. They help ensure a smooth return to daily life after treatment.4

Transitioning to Everyday Life

At the recovery center huntington beach, clients find a strong aftercare program. It helps keep progress steady and prevents falling back into old habits. This program involves outpatient sessions one to two times weekly for a few months post-treatment.4Additionally, the center guides clients to long-term care options, transitional housing, and sober living. These choices are based on the client’s specific needs and available support.4

Family Education and Involvement

Families play a key role in recovery, too, at the oasis treatment centers. They provide in-depth family education. This helps family members understand addiction and learn how to offer the best support. This support is crucial as the client transitions back to their regular life.4 The center also ensures that the client’s and their family’s reintegration is supportive and without hitches.1

Aftercare Program ElementsDescription
Outpatient SessionsClients attend 1-2 weekly outpatient sessions for several months after intensive treatment.4
Referrals to Long-Term CareThe center connects clients to appropriate long-term care programs, transitional housing, and sober living facilities based on individual needs.4
Family EducationComprehensive programs educate families on addiction and equip them to provide effective support during the client’s transition.4
Transition AssistanceThe staff works closely with clients and their families to ensure a smooth and supportive reintegration into everyday life.1

Insurance and Payment Options

Looking for addiction treatment at a recovery center in Huntington Beach, like Oasis Treatment Centers? Knowing about your insurance and payment choices is key. You’ll find many ways to pay that make quality care reachable.5

Verifying Your Insurance Benefits

Most places in Huntington Beach, like Oasis Treatment Centers, take many insurance types, even PPO insurance.5 They’ll help you check your benefits so you know what you’ll pay. This way, you can focus on getting better, not on the money.6

Private Pay and Affordable Solutions

If you don’t have insurance or it doesn’t cover everything, Oasis Treatment Centers has private pay choices. You can use a credit card for payments to help make care more affordable.6 Their team wants to help figure out a payment plan that works for you. This ensures you get the care you need, no matter your budget.5

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At places like Oasis Treatment Centers and others in Huntington Beach, check out the insurance and paying options. This could be your first step to better health and happiness. Lots of caring help and ways to pay can lower your stress during recovery.56


Huntington Beach has a beautiful coastline and lively beach culture. It’s a place where you’ll find top-notch addiction treatment centers like Oasis Treatment Centers and Huntington Beach Recovery Center. They create unique plans that mix evidence-based methods with holistic care. This helps people deal with addiction and mental health issues at the same time.7

Places like California Prime Recovery in Huntington Beach stand out. They do better than most because they really focus on the individual and have doctors available all the time. After the main rehab is over, they keep on helping with aftercare programs. These are to help folks get back to normal life and stay away from drug use.7

Recovery center Huntington Beach sites use a mix of science-backed and natural treatments. They offer things like talking therapies like CBT, family and group talks, and even help with dealing with past trauma. The goal is to get to the bottom of why someone turned to drugs and help them stay off in the long run.8 They also have different ways to get treated. This includes going for sessions a few times a week or more intense plans. They do this to fit in with what each person needs.8


What services does the helpline at provide?

The helpline at is overseen by Legacy Healing Center. They help anyone seeking mental health or addiction recovery services. If Legacy Healing Center isn’t the right fit, they can recommend other places.

This service is free. Its main aim is to find the best recovery place for you.

What are the key features of Oasis Treatment Centers?

Oasis Treatment Centers, located in Orange County, is known for its personalized care. It’s a top recovery spot in Huntington Beach for those battling addiction and mental health issues together.

What amenities and services does Huntington Beach Recovery Center provide?

Huntington Beach Recovery Center offers detox and inpatient care. They have cozy rooms with modern features. Clients get 24/7 care and support.

What therapies and treatments are offered at Huntington Beach Recovery Center?

Huntington Beach Recovery Center combines modern and holistic treatments. They focus on the mind, body, and spirit, including mental health care.

What aftercare and family support services are available at Huntington Beach Recovery Center?

Aftercare and family support are big focuses at Huntington Beach Recovery Center. They help clients adjust back to daily life. They also work closely with families, offering educational programs and support.

What insurance and payment options does Huntington Beach Recovery Center offer?

Huntington Beach Recovery Center takes most PPO insurance and has private pay options like credit cards. Their team helps clients with costs to make treatment doable.

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